Why Choose Us? Because we're your partner- that's how you can describe Lizzy Bee's Tax & Accounting. The Lizzy Bee's team provides the perfect mix of expertise (and empathy) to help clients balance the oft-conflicting necessities of Life and Business.

We LOVE QuickBooks. We are Intuit-centric, technology driven and love to ‘app-ify’ the process. We work to educate, help to integrate and utilize this user friendly software and it’s compatible 3rd party applications. Our team’s accounting knowledge and QuickBooks expertise results in accurate financial information, simple systems and efficient processes.

Hopefully you can already see that we’re not your average socially inept number crunching counting mutants (although I’d wager my 10-key skills against anyone’s). We’re specialists who, whether due to nurture or nature have an uncommon interest and aptitude for tax planning and preparation: the aptitude for numbers, the gift of logic, and the interest in helping people succeed in their life, plans, and goals.

Our focus is on helping the individual or group and to maximize their present and future business endeavors. We truly love being able to support and encourage the efforts of others. We know this isn’t an easy task (or even a pleasing idea to many), but we feel that individual, independent success is more readily available today than ever before. All you need is a passion and a plan. If you have the first, we would love to help with the second.

Benefits Of Working With Lizzy Bee’s

We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes that result in paying fines, interest payments and financial penalties. We’ll make sure your payments are made on time. There’s no delay if an employee calls in sick or is out on vacation. The best part is you get a financial expert in your back pocket without the expense of hiring and training a full time in-house bookkeeper/payroll clerk. Just pay for what you need – nothing more, nothing less. 

* We are proud to offer you a 24 hour turn-around time for your tax preparation services! All you need to do is snap a picture of your documents, fill out our basic questionaire, and that’s it! This service is currently available for Individuals and Schedule C filers only.  24 hour turn-around time is subject to information availability from the client.  U.S. filers only!